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    Why archer

    Why archer

    Why archer

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    Makes PCBs and custom-designed electronic parts sourcing as easy and reliable as dealing with a domestic partner. Makes the world better.

    Archer is based on integrity and professionality by hardworking in persistence and passion. We value the true partnerships with both qualified manufactures and customers, adding values for a long term relationship to support our vendors, customers and reps, employees more successful.

    Superior supply chain
    Qualified and established loyal partnerships with industry-leading PCB, metal part and cable connector manufacturers.

    16+ years of excellent experience supporting North American Customers Focus on North American market, up to 60% of Archer business is from North America. Industries including: Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Industry Control, Telecom and consumer electronics.

    Professional Team
    Team members have average over 15 years’ experience on PCB: an efficient passionate team for continuous improving on quality, cost and service, with culture based on integrity, creativity, love and persistence.

    Delivering ZERO defects
    Archer implements a professional software to manage the whole process from RFQs, engineering data analyze, WIP status tracking, quality performance to final delivery for continuous improving on quality, cost and service.

    7*24 hours support to make work easy, fast, accurate and highly efficient
    Annual audit and mini audit on key processes for reliable quality and deliver ZERO defects following ARCHER SPEC and IPC standard.


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