• Suppliers Selection

a  professional networks of 15 PCB suppliers to meet various types of PCB technologies, all kinds of PCB volumes including application for aerospace, automotive, medical, industry, lighting and commercial.

  • Price Negotiation

Offer best competitive cost with reliable quality and manage the contracted price matrix for stable cost based on market trends. Offer annual rebates based on business increase ratio for key customers.

  • Sales Services

Same time zone to closely serve our customers in all countries, with technical advice and sales support. 12 hours lead time on quotes for quickturn projects, MAX 48 hours for standard projects.

  • Engineering & Technical Support

Professional technical and engineering support from QUOTE, NPI design to mass production process. 12 hours lead time on EQ for quick turn order and MAX 48 hours for standard order.

  • Quality Control and Audits

Manage manufacturing process by annual and mini  audit. Arrange SQE to do on-site inspection before delivery